WinPicks Reference Manual

Section 3.2. The Tool Bar

In addition to the menus, WinPicks includes a tool bar that lets you select some functions without using menus. All you have to do is click on the tool bar icon. The table below describes what each icon does, and lists the section in the manual where the topic is covered.

Tool Icon



Enter Playoff Schedule

Corrects schedule and adds postseason games

Enter Lines and Totals

Manually enter lines, totals, and Nevada rotation

Enter Games

Manually enter game data

My Formulas

Create, modify, delete, and activate formulas

Formula Tuner

Tunes prediction formulas for best results

Formula Warehouse

Upload and download prediction formulas

Download Stats from Internet

Download the latest stat and line files from the Internet


Send the information on screen to your printer

View Team Info

View the database of the selected team

View Stats by Category

View statistics in a specific category (PFA only)

View Stats by Team

View statistics of a specific team (PFA only)

View Stat Charts

View a graphic of a selected statistic (PFA only)

View Points Scored

Rank teams according to points scored (CFA, PBA, CBA)

View Points Allowed

Rank teams according to points allowed (CFA, PBA, CBA)

View Standings by Division

View Standings Grouped by Division

View Standings by Conference

View Standings Grouped by Conference

View Standings by League

View Standings with All Teams on One List

Power Ratings (formulas)

Display power ratings using current formula

Power Ratings (RPI)

Display power ratings using RPI


Display records for all teams in database

Average Margin of Victory

Display average margin of victory for all teams

Predict Sides

Predict winners straight-up and against the spread

Predict Totals

Predict winners against the total (over/unders)

Analyze season

Analyze single formula for current season

Consensus Sides

Predict ATS winners using multiple formulas

Consensus Totals

Predict totals using multiple formulas

Consensus Straight Up

Predict straight up winners using multiple formulas

Consensus Analyze Year

Analyze multiple formulas for current season

Line Shifter

Increment lines to see how recommended picks change

Team History

Display trend history for selected team

Key Trends

Displays key trends that relate to the selected date

Situation Analysis

Displays trends that relate to the selected game

Trend Seeker

Searches through past games and compiles a list of trends

Watch List

Displays the trend list compiled by Trend Seeker

My Trends

Displays the trend list stored using My Trends

Trend Alerts

Scans upcoming games against Watch List, and reports on games that match the trends

My Trends Alerts

Scans upcoming games against My Trends List, and reports on games that match the trends

Power Rating Charts

Graphically display a team's power rating over time

Schedule Difficulty

Display schedule difficulty for all teams in database


Display turnover data for all teams (PFA only)

Pool Picks

Ranks picks for football pools (PFA only)

Analyze N Dates

Analyze prediction formula using a selectable number of past dates


Displays the on-line help function

Rolling Average

Select a rolling average database

Season to Date

Select a season-to-date database

Fixed at Date

Select a fixed-at-date database

Next Date

Advance to the next date in the database

Previous Date

Go back to the previous date in the database

WinPicks Forum

Visit the WinPicks Forum at

Visit the web site

Browse Back

Back Button for Web Browser

Browse Forward

Forward Button for Web Browser

Refresh Page

Refresh Button for Web Browser

Stop Browser

Stop Button for Web Browser

Enter a Web Address

Visit any Site from Web Browser

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