WinPicks Reference Manual

Section 10.4. Getting Help

WinPicks has an extensive help section that includes all the text from the reference manual. To use it, select CONTENTS from the HELP menu.

The HELP menu also includes a item called CHECK FOR SOFTWARE UPDATES. When WinPicks maintenance releases are made available, you can download them here. It is a good idea to check periodically to see if a new maintenance release is available, since we fix all known bugs as fast as possible, generally within a few days after they are reported.

If you are connected to the Internet, you can view the entire Reference Manual on-line. Under the BROWSER menu you'll find links that go directly to the WinPicks Reference Manual, the WinPicks FAQ (a list of frequently asked questions), or the WinPicks Technical Support Forum. Most questions about WinPicks can be answered using these resources. However, if there is any question that you cannot find the answer to, please send us an email. We respond to most questions within 24 hours.

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