Frequently Asked Questions about WinPicks

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the WinPicks series of handicapping software. If your question is not on this list, please send us an email.

What is the winning percentage of WinPicks?

    WinPicks uses prediction formulas to make selections, so your winning percentage depends entirely on the prediction formula that you use. WinPicks allows you to create as many new formulas as you wish, and includes a number of features designed to maximize your winning percentage:

    • WinPicks comes with three prediction formulas that picked about 60% against the point spead during the previous season.

    • All WinPicks can share and trade formulas with documented records, using the Formula Warehouse. Access to the Formula Warehouse is included in all versions of WinPicks.

    • All versions of WinPicks include a Formula Tuner, which will optimize the performance of any formula to get the highest winning percentage possible.

    • The Pro Football Analyst software includes a formula wizard that can create formulas for you that are optimized to win.

    • All versions of WinPicks allow you to use the consensus picks generated by a group of formulas.

    Because the winning percentage is based on the formula in use, and because of the very nature of handicapping and gambling, we obviously can't promise or guarantee that you'll win money with WinPicks. However, we can say that based on the feedback we get from our customers, we know that many WinPicks users have a winning percentage in the 55% to 60% range, and most do better than the 52.4% required to break even at most sportsbooks. We've received hundreds of compliments over the years from customers who have said that WinPicks has paid for itself many times over.

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Does WinPicks work for one season only?

    Yes. WinPicks is similar to income tax software or similar products that require an annual update. You need to purchase the annual update of WinPicks in order to use the data from the current season. The annual update adds the current schedule, adds new teams as they come into the league, and takes care of all the division and conference realignments. We also enhance the software by providing new features every year, and of course, you get another year of free statistical and odds updates, updated every hour while the season is in progress.

    If you purchase any football version of WinPicks after January 1, but before the new release (which is usually in July), you'll get the new release free when it becomes available. In other words, don't be afraid to buy Pro Football Analyst a week before the Super Bowl. You can use it to handicap the big game plus you'll get next season's version free. If you purchase College Basketball Analyst after March 1, or Pro Basketball Analyst after May 1, you'll get next year's version free.

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What if I find an error or bug in WinPicks?

    Let us know about it, and we'll fix the problem as soon as possible. Whenever necessary, we'll issue a maintenance release that all users can download free of charge. Whenever a maintenance release is available, we'll send you an email with downloading instructions. Our response time on maintainenance releases has historically been much faster than other software companies.

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I can't get the statistical downloading to work. What should I do?

    We've found that nearly all statistical download failures are due to one of these three things:

    • Your Internet connection is not active. Make sure you are connected to the Internet before you try downloading with WinPicks. If you are not sure, try accessing a major web site like or If you can't get to one of those sites, your Internet connection is not active.

    • Are you running any type of firewall software on your computer? Some firewalls block all traffic from programs unless you specifically enable them. You might have to configure the firewall software so it knows that WinPicks is a trusted application.

    • If you are running any download accelerator programs (very rare these days), try disabling them.

    If nothing else works, you can manually download the stats from this link: /updates.shtm.

    If you manually download files from the above link, they need to be copied into the folder named: /Program Files/WinPicks 2019/Stats

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How often do you provide statistical updates for WinPicks?

    The statistics files for Pro Football Analyst and College Football Analyst are updated weekly, and the files for Pro and College Basketball Analyst are updated several times per day (whenever game scores become final) during the season. The line files for all applications are updated hourly every day, assuming of course, that the odds have changed.

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Does you provide technical support for WinPicks?

    Yes. We do not provide voice technical support, but we are 100% committed to customer satisfaction. We designed and wrote the WinPicks applications, so there are no questions that we can't answer. Send your questions via email and we'll usually respond within 24 hours. Always include your name in the message, and enough information for us to understand and answer your question.

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Does WinPicks produce power ratings?

    Yes. Every WinPicks formula produces its own power ratings, and WinPicks also generates the Rating Percentage Index (RPI).

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When are the new versions of WinPicks released each year?

    Usually in the second half of July, or shortly after the schedules for college and pro football are made available. For example, the release date for WinPicks 2018 was July 23, 2018.

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Can I install WinPicks on more than one computer?

    Yes. When you purchase WinPicks, you own a license that allows you to use the software on all of your computers. For example, this allows you to install WinPicks on both a laptop and a desktop computer. You can even download the software multiple times. However, each individual who uses WinPicks must purchase their own copy, and it is illegal to give copies of WinPicks to others.

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If my computer crashes, or if I buy a new computer, can I download and install WinPicks again?

    Yes. If you save the log-in information that you received when your ordered WinPicks, you can download and install the software as many times as necessary. Therefore, if your computer crashes and you lose the installation file, you won't have to pay for it again. You can also reinstall WinPicks if you buy a new computer.

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Will there be versions of WinPicks for other sports?

    We focus on football and basketball, and have no current plans to develop software for other sports, but this could change in the future.

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Can I buy WinPicks in a store?

    WinPicks was once sold in stores, but we now conduct business entirely on the Internet, so we can respond as quickly as possible to our customer's needs.

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