WinPicks College Football Analyst

College Football Analyst is enhanced, updated, and ready to beat the point spread during the 2019-2020 NCAA football season. Its huge database covers 35 seasons, from 1985 to the present, and contains the scores and odds from more than 25,000 games.

WinPicks is the leading software available for the college football handicapper. It ranks all 130 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams from top to bottom.

You won't find a better source of college football data than WinPicks anywhere, at any price. You can crown your own national champion using the WinPicks power ratings. You can instantly locate the strongest conferences, and the teams with the most difficult schedules, the toughest defenses, and the most explosive offenses.

During the season, database updates are fast, easy, automatic, and FREE. After connecting to the Internet, just click on the WinPicks toolbar to instantly get the latest files. If you forget to update your database, WinPicks will remind you.

WinPicks gives you the straight scoop about college football. It strips away the media hype and regional bias that distorts the college football polls. Instead, it provides clear, objective data that shows you who the best teams really are and how they can be expected to perform in the future. Once you become accustomed to using WinPicks, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. It adds an extra dimension to your handicapping that no sports service can match, and pays for itself in no time with its outstanding college football predictions.

Powerful Trends Engine

Every handicapper knows that the trend is their friend. Need information about a specific team? Just ask WinPicks to analyze the team's performance. You can go back just a few games or all the way back to 1985. You'll see how the team has fared in a variety of situations, including home and away games, conference and non-conference games, games after a win or loss, bowl games, or games against any selected opponent. You can also analyze a team's performance against the point spread. Want to know how Colorado has done against the spread as a home underdog? After winning a game by 14 or more points? As a road favorite? After 3 consecutive losses? After 5 consecutive victories? Against good teams and bad teams? If you can think of an angle, ANY ANGLE, WinPicks can check it out for you. No other product gives you the answers faster or easier than WinPicks. You can also use the powerful Situation Analysis feature to instantly see all of the trends that could influence a specific game.

Of course, by the time you are aware of a trend, it's sometimes too late. WinPicks solves that problem with the amazing Trend Watch feature, which goes one step beyond all available trend engines by searching through multiple combinations of game conditions to find significant trend patterns in the database. It quickly searches though literally millions of possible trends, and extracts only those that are statistically significant. Because Trend Watch does an exhaustive search of all available data, it uncovers information that only WinPicks users have. You can't get information like this anywhere else, no matter how much you are willing to pay. And best of all, Trend Watch alerts you when the trends it finds are relevant to games yet to be played. If you have favorite trends that you want to follow week after week, you can save them using the powerful My Trends feature.

WinPicks provides data that the average handicapper simply doesn't have. For example, you can look at power ratings over any interval ranging from 3 games to more than one season. You can instantly see which teams have played the toughest schedules. You can also look at trends pertaining to the whole NCAA, like how often home teams cover in conference games, or how often home teams cover in all games. All data can be printed out using a powerful report generator that produces professional looking, business quality reports.

Powerful Handicapper

WinPicks is a terrific handicapper. It predicts the winner (straight-up and against the point spread) and estimates the point total for every game. You can create your own college football prediction formulas and have WinPicks check their results. You can then fine tune them for maximum accuracy. Four formulas are included that beat the point spread handily last season. All formulas also predict the straight-up winner and the point total of every game (the over/under).

If you need to tune up a formula, the incredible Formula Tuner uses a Monte Carlo technique that randomly varies the numbers, testing the results along the way. When a finds a better result, it remembers the new formula values, and continues to run with new random variations. The Formula Tuner runs continuously under your control, letting you tune a formula for a few minutes or overnight. The longer the tuner runs, the more likely the results will improve. In other words, the Formula Tuner can start with any formula, and in nearly all cases produce a better one. You can tune formulas to produce against the spread winners, against the totals winners, or straight-up winners. Some of the results we have seen are absolutely phenomenal. Formulas that formerly lost units have been tuned until they now produce more than 100 net units in a single season!

NightShift enhances the Formula Tuner by letting it run until you get the results you desire. NightShift is like a tireless worker who will tweak your formulas as long as you'd like, always squeezing out a higher winning percentage and more net units. It tunes as many formulas as you want for as long as you want. If you pay a sports service, it's time to stop throwing your money away. NightShift works for free and puts every tout's record to shame!

To use NightShift, just tell it how long you'd like to work on a formula. You can specify the number of tries or the number of minutes that you want the tuner to run, or you can even tell NightShift to run until the formula is up a given number of net units. You don't have to be around while NightShift works its magic. Leave NightShift running when you go to bed and wake up the next morning with a formula that will blow your bookie's mind!

If you have a hot formula that you want to share with someone else, or if you want to check out the hot formulas created by other users, then simply visit the Formula Warehouse. With just one click, you can upload a formula and make it available to all other users of WinPicks. With one more click, you can download a formula. And best of all, all formulas in the Formula Warehouse have been already been tested, so you'll know their winning percentage before you download them. The Formula Warehouse harnesses the power of the Internet and the handicapping expertise of all WinPicks users to make it easier than ever to beat the book.

WinPicks even allows you to run multiple formulas at one time. If you use multiple formulas, WinPicks will only recommend games where all of the formulas (or a majority) agree on the outcome. A formula consensus can produce incredible results, often winning more than 60% of the time against the spread. You have the option of using every formula on your system in a consensus, or selecting a custom group of formulas to use.

Still not convinced? Check out this feature list and compare it to any college football handicapping product, at any price:

  • Professional quality user interface with unmatched ease of use. Looks, feels, and performs like a serious business application, not like a toy. You can even customize the interface, and add and remove icons from the toolbar.

  • Built-in 2018-2019 NCAA Schedule includes every game for all 130 FBS teams.

  • Database includes all games from 1985 to the present, more than 25,000 games.

  • FREE database updates during the season. Your database is updated instantly through your Internet connection.

  • Ability to track up to four sets of lines. This is a great feature for the serious handicapper who wagers at more than one sportsbook.

  • User-Defined Prediction Formulas.

  • Analyze any formula's performance: straight-up, against the spread,or against the totals line.

  • Share formulas with the entire WinPicks community by accessing the FORMULA WAREHOUSE.

  • Tune formulas until they produce incredible results using the FORMULA TUNER. Run the FORMULA TUNER overnight or even longer using NIGHTSHIFT.

  • Analyze multiple prediction formulas at once using the exclusive Formula Consensus feature. WinPicks can recommend picks when all of the formulas you select agree, or when a majority of the selected formulas agree.

  • Produces power ratings based on the prediction formula in use, or based on the Rating Percentage Index (RPI). Plus, view conference standings for any date back to 1985.

  • Produces power rating graphs that shows how a team's performance has changed over the course of the season.

  • Ability to handicap using a rolling average, a season-to-date, or a fixed-to-date database.

  • Powerful report generator produces business-quality reports.

  • Huge trends database lets you analyze games from every conceivable angle.

  • The amazing TREND WATCH alerts you to statistically significant trends before the games are played!

  • SITUATION ANALYSIS screen shows you all the trends that relate to a given game. KEY TRENDS reports shows you all the trends that relate to today's games.

  • Store all of your favorite trends using the MY TRENDS feature.

  • Displays the name, location, and seating capacity of every FBS college football stadium.

  • POOL PICKS feature helps you win your office pool.

  • Produces a PLATINUM PAGE for every game. This page summarizes valuable game data, makes recommendations, and rates the strength of the play. You can check the winning percentage of past Platinum Picks.

  • Built-in Web Browser with links to the on-line manual.

  • FREE Technical Support from MicroBrothers.

  • Team and game data can be exported to Microsoft Excel, or to a comma-separated value (CSV) file, for importation into any spreadsheet or database. The data files alone are worth more than the price of the software.

  • Illustrated on-line reference manual. You can view the manual using your browser or access the entire manual using the on-line help function included with WinPicks. We also supply a PDF manual suitable for printing.

The Bottom Line

If you're a fan who likes stats and trend data, you'll love WinPicks. And if you wager on NCAA football games, WinPicks could be the best investment you've ever made. It's the most versatile and powerful college football software ever developed.

Requires Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/10). $99.00


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