WinPicks has been a favorite of professional and recreational handicappers for many years. The quotations below represent just a few of the many unsolicited testimonials that we receive from satisfied customers.

I have used your software to make money for our proprietary and customer accounts for many years. Your WinPicks Pro Basketball Analyst is especially effective. Over the past three years, my clients are up 76.9 Net Units in the NBA as of this writing. A large part of our success is due to your software-particularly your Situation Analysis module. Most of what is on the market is not user friendly and lacks the features that WinPicks provides. Thank you for making such a great product available to us. It is an integral part of our ongoing research to beat the sportsbooks.

Michael R. Gibbons, Gibbon's Sports, Las Vegas

I was referred by a friend who uses WinPicks, he didn't know much about stats or math, or the college football games he was betting on, but was taking money from the book cashier every week.

Stuart G., Nevada, November 2017

I can't express to who how grateful I am for your customer service and generosity. It is very rare these days that I encounter that kind of over and above service. I will continue to use Winpicks in the future and highly recommend your programs to all my fellow handicappers.

Chris G., Ontario, Canada, August 2017

Been a WinPicks user for 25 years. Here's the bottom line: I moved to Las Vegas for a reason...I'm good at what I do and you're a part of it. Thank you for all the years of joy you and WinPicks have brought me.

Frank T., California, August 2017

I've been using MicroBrothers software for a lot of years now and I really appreciate what you did for me for the 2017 season. I'll continue using your products.

Bob M., West Virginia, July 2017

I wanted you to know I have been using a setup for Money Line plays & Parlays that has been hitting at 68% all season. Have not had a losing weekend. The longer the season goes. The better it's been hitting. Plenty of 7-2 weekends.

Jeff G., California, December 2016

The system we devloped with WinPicks is up +285 units the past three seasons in actual wagering.

R. Melotte, Wisconsin, September 2015

Can't live without it. You do a great job!

Brian G., Connecticut, August 2015

I absolutely love the Parlay Pack. The software is, by far, the best value and the most complete of all the similar packages available. Great job!

Jon O., New York, August 2015

Been awhile since I told you guys how much I appreciate your software. Had another terrific season in both sports (particularly basketball) in 2013-2014. I’ve been retired now from database work for a couple of years and, reduced to social security for income, the cash I make with WinPicks makes a huge difference.

In nine months of handicapping with WinPicks I made just about double what I’m paid in twelve months of SS. I would have to literally downgrade my lifestyle if not for WinPicks. I have a reminder set for the 25th; I plan to be first in line to buy the 2014-2015 Parlay Pack. Keep up the good work.

Jimee Freeman, Reno, Nevada, July 2014

I'm a long time user of your football software. This software has really helped me come up with some statistically sound systems that have allowed me win a lot of money. Thanks!

Mark K., Tennessee, May 2013

I love it and it really helps win $$ (+67 units this year in NBA).

Rod M., Wisconsin, April 2013

In my spare time I spend countless hours developing methodologies and analyzing sports data. This software is awesome; it is definitely worth the price I paid just to obtain the statistics and lines, let alone, the formula and trend capabilities that come with it. I am very busy so I appreciate the time this software saves me in obtaining data. Before, I was constantly writing macros in Excel to pull in data.

Gregory F., Pennsylvania, February 2012

Just wanted to say, as a long time customer, I think your software is superb! Huge help in winnowing down selections.

Tony R., Maine, August 2011

This software rocks! Thanks for making this available for the small player like myself at such a reasonable price. I especially like the Platinum picks section. It makes it easier for those of us that work, and don’t have the time to do all the stats.

Max F., Clearwater, Florida, November 2010

I've been getting your software for a good 12 or more years. I love it. I haven't had to replenished my off-shore accounts for about 5 years.

Gary B., California, July 2010

You guys rock. I don't get this type of service from my broker. Keep up the great work!

Christopher S., Newport Beach, California, September 2009

Hi guys......I just downloaded this years (09) version of winpicks for Pro Football. I really like the addition to the platinum. I have been using your software for 4-5 years now and I love it! It's so much fun to invent a new formula, then be able to fine tune them and make them work for me. I'm not a kid, at 59, but my wife says I act like one each year when your now version is ready. Anyway just wanted to thank ya'll for a great product...and keeping this homebound old man busy.

Dave W. (Doktor Pigskin), Las Vegas, NV, July 2009

Last year, I used WinPicks exclusively to determine my picks in the annual Talksport Handicapping Contest. For the season, I went 24-12-2. I especially like the ability to export your stats into an Excel file. The program makes this a breeze. Keep up the good work.

Buddy T., Texas, July 2009

Been a customer since 1992. Once again, I'm having a super year; college and pro football were huge. College hoops (sides) and and pro hoops (sides and totals) are terrific.

Frank T., California, February 2009

Two weeks into the NFL season and your Platinum Picks have been outstanding! I hit 6 out 7 in week 1 and 3 out of 5 in week 2 (with one push!). The software has already paid for itself 3 times over! Thanks for a great product.

Mike T., Riverside, California, September 2008

I honestly believe that your Football and Basketball software package is the very best available. When you carefully select a group of formulas and set them up for consensus predictions ..... You get an amazingly accurate look into the future.

Jim P., Hilton, New York, May 2008

I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with your software. I have used it for many years, however this has been my best year by far! I live in Las Vegas and have made over $10000 by using your software, the college football and the college basketball are just magical.

Jeff H., Las Vegas, Nevada, February 2007

I love your Pro Football and Pro Basketball software. It has been a very lucrative investment for me the past three years.

Dominic M., Illinois, December 2006

$81,735.00 I won with your software since November 2004. No joke, unreal. Thank you so much! You guys have made this year a LOT of fun ....

Lance B., Coconut Creek, Florida, April 2005

I'm a long time Nevada resident and have been betting sports over 20 years. Over that time I've tried every handicapping program available and, as a programmer, have written a few of my own. With all that experience, I've got to tell you YOURS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST! Man, I am SOLD! I was developing winning formulas in the first 24 hours; yesterday I went 4 for 4 and the day before 3 for 3. If you ever need a quote from a customer for advertising, I'm your man. I'm VERY impressed.

James F., Reno, Nevada, November 2004

I just wish to thank you for your great Pro Football Winpicks program. I play SportsAction, a state run betting game here in Oregon, and just this last weekend I hit on an eight game ticket using one of your included formulas. I'm impressed, to say the least. With my winnings I'll be able to pay for WinPicks for the next 10 years!

James R., Oregon, November 2003

I won $10,000 in a local pub pool contest on Staten Island using WinPicks. There were 1200 entries, but my winning percentage was 61%. I also won a weekly prize in that same contest, picking 12 winners out of possible 14, for $1800. Thank you so much!

Lou D., New York City, January 2003

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