WinPicks Reference Manual

Section 8.1. General Information About Prediction Formulas

WinPicks is very versatile. It doesn't force you to use a predefined handicapping method. Instead, you can design your own prediction formulas and instantly analyze their performance.

Predictions are based on the stats that are currently in the database. For example, if your database uses a 3-game rolling average, the predictions are based on the stats from the past 3 games. To change the stats included in the database, or to see which stats are currently included, please see Section 4.

Each member of the WinPicks family includes at least three prediction formulas that have worked well in past seasons. However, there is no limit to the number of formulas you can use, so you can create and test as many formulas as you wish. In fact, you can even use a consensus method that lets you use as many prediction formulas as you want at the same time!

WinPicks allows you to analyze the performance of a formula, fine tune a formula for best results, or even share formulas with other WinPicks users.

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