New Features Added to WinPicks in 2014

The table below lists the features added to WinPicks in 2014.

New Feature


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Four new statistics added to Pro Football Analyst prediction formulas

Four new statistics have been added to the Pro Football Analyst prediction formulas. The new version of PFA will automatically import and convert your old formulas to the new format when you install it. The new statistics are:

  • Yards Per Minute of Possession
  • Yards Per Play
  • Points Per Minute of Possession
  • Points Per Play

The SureLock Formula Wizard has updated to work with the new statistics and formulas downloaded from the Formula Warehouse are automatically. The new statistics make PFA prediction formulas more poweful than before, as all of them have a strong correlation to winning against the point spread.

New Yardage Rankings display added to Pro Football Analyst

A new yardage ranking display has been added to Pro Football Analyst, providing a quick summary of the league's best offensive and defensive teams. The handy three-column display ranks the teams in the order of yards gained, yards allowed, and yardage differential (yards gained minus yards allowed).

Rating Percentage Index (RPI) added to team pages

The team pages have been updated to include the RPI of each team, as well as the average RPI of their opponents.

Brand new WinPicks website linked to all products through built-in web browsers

WinPicks has a brand new website for 2014 which is accessible through the web browser built-in to every product. The built-in web browser has direct links to the on-line manual, the FAQ, and the support forum.

All conference and team changes for 2014-2015 have been included

As usual, the new edition of WinPicks has taken care of all of the conference and team changes in college sports. Three new FBS teams have been added to NCAA football, bringing the total number of teams to 128.

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