New Features Added to WinPicks in 2013

The table below lists the features added to WinPicks in 2013.

New Feature


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You can now analyze the straight-up record of a formula after limiting the point spread

The new Formula Analysis SUR Filter allows you to limit the games included in the straight-up record (SUR) analysis of a prediction formula. The points spread range is selectable from 1 to 25 points, or you can continue to count all games (the only possible setting in previous versions). This feature provides a more realistic look at a formula's ability to pick up straight winners, because you can filter out those "obvious" winners where the spread is more than 25 points. You can also limit the SUR analysis to games that are most likely to have a money line - for example, where the spread is 15 points or less, to find the formulas that work best for money line wagers. The Formula Tuner will tune SUR formulas based on this setting, so you can tune a formula to pick SUR winners in games with small point spreads.

The Formula Tuner is faster and allows running multiple copies of WinPicks

The Formula Tuner has been optimized to run faster. In addition, you can now run multiple copies of the Formula Tuner to get the most out of your available processing power. For example, you can launch four copies of College Basketball Analyst with each one tuning a different formula. Or, you can tune formulas with the college and pro football versions of WinPicks simultaneously, with both tuners running at high speed.

Neutral sites games are now marked on prediction screens and team info pages for college sports

We've modified the Predict Sides, Predict Totals, and Team Info screens to indicate when a game is being played at a neutral site in college football or college basketball. The trend database will ignore neutral site games when compiling home and away trends.

It is now easier to find the optimal database to use with a prediction formula

The Try Current Formula With Different Databases feature now allows you to sort all columns, by simply clicking on the column headings. This allows you to quickly see, for example, which database produces the highest number of units against the spread (ATS).

All conference and team changes have been added

The number of conference changes and realignments has been nearly impossible to follow during the past few seasons, but we've researched everything so that WinPicks has the absolutely latest information for the 2013-2014 seasons. We also added one new FBS team to the college football software (for a total of 125), and three new division 1 teams to college basketball, for a total of 350.

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