New Features Added to WinPicks in 2011

The table below lists the features added to WinPicks in 2011.

New Feature


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Improved Trends Engine now tracks trends against good and bad teams

A revamped trends engine now allows you to search for trends relating to good and bad teams. Have you ever noticed that some teams seem to play up or down depending upon the level of competition? This feature allows you to prove it! By default, teams with a winning percentage of 66.7% or higher are considered "good" teams, those with a winning percentage of 33.3% or lower are considered "bad" teams, but you can adjust the settings to any winning percentage and period of time that you prefer. The Team History, Key Trends, Trend Seeker, and Platinum Picks features now all have the ability to look at good team/bad team trends.

The improved Trends Engine now has separate date range and filter sections

This new feature gives you new flexibility. For example, now you can filter Monday night NFL trends for a given season only, without have to use all games in the database. This new feature applies to Team History and Trend Seeker.

Faster performance from Formula Tuner

The Formula Tuner has been optimized to run faster. You'll notice a significant difference when tuning formulas for College Basketball Analyst and College Football Analyst.

Improved Line Shifter

The Line Shifter feature, which allows you to see how recommended picks can change when the line moves, now allows you to turn off the home field (or home court) advantage for neutral site games.

All conference and team changes have been added

We've incorporated the many conference realignments in college sports for 2011-2012, and updated all arena and stadium information. For example, WinPicks knows that Colorado is now in the Pac-12, and that Brigham Young is an independent in football and a member of the WCC in basketball.

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