New Features Added to WinPicks in 2009

The table below lists the features added to WinPicks in 2009.

New Feature


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All of the Platinum Picks for a given date can be viewed on a single page.

Platinum Picks were added to WinPicks in 2008. They handicap a game by combining three different handicapping methods: the prediction formula method, the key trends method, and the head-to-head matchup method. This year we've added a new feature to WinPicks that let's you see all of the Platinum Picks for a given date on a single page.

You can now analyze the winning percentage of the Platinum Picks.

A powerful new analyze feature has been added that lets you analyze the past performance of the Platinum Picks in the same way that you analyze the past performance of prediction formulas.

A new condition has been added to the Trends database, "After Dog/Favorite".

This new trend condition makes the Trends engine of WinPicks stronger than before. The new condition has been added to all features that access the trends database, including Team History, Trend Seeker, the Key Trends report, and Platinum Picks.

A "View Statistic Leaders" report has been added to Pro Football Analyst.

The new report shows the top two (#1 and #2) and bottom two (#31 and #32) teams for each statistical category on both offense and defense.

The "Turnover" report in Pro Football Analyst has been improved.

The new report shows the number of turnovers allowed by the offense and forced by the defense, as well as net turnovers.

All conference and team changes have been added

We've researched the conference and team changes in all sports for 2009-2010, and updated all arena and stadium information. Three new teams were added to Division-1 college basketball this year, and WinPicks now tracks 347 college basketball teams and 120 college football teams.

Several tweaks have been made to WinPicks 2009 to make it more usable than ever before

Prediction formula names are no longer limited to 8 characters, so you can now give more descriptive names to your formulas.

Conference names are now sorted alphabetically on the "Conference Standings" screen.

Formulas can excluded from being used by Platinum Picks.

Conference Trends have been added to the My Trends feature. This means that you can now view conference trends in the Trend Watch window and on the Trend Alerts report.

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