New Features Added to WinPicks in 2008

The table below lists the features added to WinPicks in 2008.

New Feature


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The new Platinum Page summarizes essential game information and rates the strength of a play. Just click to get your pick!

The Platinum Page is a brand new feature of WinPicks that summarizes essential game information onto a single page. This page breaks down a game using three different handicapping methods: the prediction formula method, the key trends method, and the head-to-head matchup method.

If all three methods favor the same team, then WinPicks recommends the game as a Platinum Pick. If two methods agree, and one has no opinion, the game is recommended as a strong play. If two methods agree and one method is opposed, the game is called a possible play. Otherwise, no recommendation is made. The analysis is performed both against the spread (ATS), and against the totals line (for over/under selections). Games recommended as Platinum Picks should be given strong consideration when you make your wagers.

WinPicks produces a Platinum Page for every game. This powerful new feature provides you with rock solid handicapping information and game recommendations, and couldn't be any easier to use. Just click to get your pick!

Full team names are displayed on all of the screens

By popular demand, the full team names (instead of abbreviations) are now stored on all screens. This avoids confusion and increases usability.

The "Export to Excel" feature now includes the Nevada rotation numbers

By popular demand, the Nevada rotation numbers are now included when the database is exported.

All conference and team changes have been added

We've researched the conference and team changes in all sports for 2008-2009, and validated all arena and stadium information. WinPicks now tracks 344 college basketball, and 120 college football teams.

Several tweaks have been made to WinPicks 2008 to make it more usable than ever before

The Regional Settings Problems have been fixed so our international users will have fewer problems installing WinPicks

The "My Formulas" screen can now be printed.

Consensus groups and settings from last year's version are automatically restored during this year's installation.

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