New Features Added to WinPicks in 2006

The table below lists the features added to WinPicks in 2006.

New Feature


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My Trends lets you store the trends that you want to follow

My Trends is a terrific new feature for the trends handicapper. It allows you to keep track of the trends that YOU want to scan against every upcoming game on the schedule. If you find a trend when running Team History, you can quickly add the trend to your My Trends list from the History window by simply clicking a button. You can also add any trend found by the Trend Seeker to your list, just by right clicking in the Seeker watch window on the trend you want to add.

After building a My Trends list, you can browse them in a Trend Watch window, and remove trends if you don't want to follow them them anymore. The Alerts reports lets you scan all upcoming games against the My Trends list, and quickly shows you the games that match your selected trends. You'll find dozens of uses for My Trends, including maintaining lists of trends for your favorite game situations or favorite teams!

Filter Added to Trends Engine for Winning or Losing by More than X Points

This is a significant update to the Trends engine that works both in Team History and Trend Seeker. It allows you to select any number of points when searching for trends. You select the point differential for the last game played on straight up, ATS, and OU conditions. For example, this feature allows you to find out how a team has performed ATS after winning by more than 21 points at home. This will allow you to quickly locate hundreds of new trends!

Statistically Significant Trends can be varied from 1 to 4 standard deviations

WinPicks used to be limited to defining a statistically significant trend as one that fell outside 2 standard deviations from the mean. This remains the default setting, but now you can vary the number of standard deviations from 1 to 4, in increments of 0.5.

You can load a consensus group of formulas into the Night Shift Tuner

You can now load a consensus group of formulas into the Night Shift Formula Tuner. This makes it much easier to tune an entire group of formulas at once, without having to select each individual prediction formula from a list.

ATS and OU percentage options have been added to the Formula Tuner

You can now use the Formula Tuner to optimize formulas for ATS and Over/Under percentage in addition to tuning them for the highest number of net units. You can even combine methods. For example, you can tune a formula so that it optimizes both its ATS and its O/U performance!

Improved Printing Functions

The printing menu is improved, and allows you to select a non default printer and to customize the features of the printer that you select. You can also now print in landscape mode on nearly any printer.

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