New Features Added to WinPicks in 2004

The table below lists the features added to WinPicks in 2004.

New Feature


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Brand New Formula Tuner

There's no need to spend minutes or hours tweaking prediction formulas. The brand new Formula Tuner does all the work for you! The Tuner uses a Monte Carlo technique that randomly varies the numbers, testing the results along the way. When a finds a better result, it remembers the new formula values, and continues to look for an even better formula. The Tuner runs continuously under your control, letting you tune a formula for a few minutes or overnight. It can start with any formula, and in nearly all cases produce a better one. You can decide how you want to tune your formula. You can tune it in a way that produces the most against the spread winners, the most against the totals winners, or the most straight-up winners. Some of the results we have seen are absolutely phenomenal. Formulas that formerly lost units have been tuned until they now produce more than 100 net units in a single season!

Improved Consensus Pick Selections

We've added an AT LEAST parameter to improve the accuracy of consensus picks. The AT LEAST parameter determines the number of formulas that must vote before a majority or unanimous pick is recommended. For example, if you have selected that at least four formulas must vote, a pick will not be recommended if the unanimous method is in favor of the pick by a vote of 3-0, or if the majority method is in favor of the pick by a vote of 2-1. We've also made it easier to pick formulas for your consensus group. You can now rank your formulas based on performance before deciding which formulas to add to the consensus.

Improved Consensus Picks Report

We've added the details about each formula's picks (the pick and the odds) to the consensus pick report, making the report much more useful to the handicapper.

Improved MY FORMULAS screen

We've improved the appearance, plus now you can tune up any formula on the list simply by clicking the TUNE link.

Built-in link to software updates on HELP menu

You can check at any time to see if any maintenance releases are available for WinPicks, simply by clicking a link on the HELP menu.

All conference and team changes have been added

We've taken care of the conference changes in all sports and added the expansion Charlotte Bobcats to Pro Basketball Analyst.

Improved Installation

We've improved the installation process, so that reinstalling the software no longer causes any problems with consensus formula groups or any other saved parameters, such as your WinPicks ID for the Formula Warehouse.

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