New Features Added to WinPicks in 2003

The table below lists the features added to WinPicks in 2003.

New Feature


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Brand New Formula Warehouse

We've created an easy way for all WinPicks users to share prediction formulas, a feature that adds a tremendous amount of value to the software! The Formula Warehouse allows all WinPicks users to upload or download formulas in seconds, and all formulas in the Warehouse are recently tested and ranked according to their winning percentage. We think this feature will help make everyone's winning percentage go up in 2003!

New My Formulas Screen

We've made it much easier to manage and evaluate prediction formulas with the new My Formulas screen. Prediction formulas can now be ranked by their records, analyzed, edited, made active, deleted, or uploaded to the Formula Warehouse; all from one easy-to-use control panel.

Improved Trend Seeker

The trend seeker has many new options, and WinPicks now saves the settings from the last 10 times that you ran the Seeker.

Improved Team History Reports

You can combine "After" conditions on the Team History report, and add a condition for early or late season games. The Performance History Window now separates past games from future games, a powerful feature.

Analyze All Formulas At Once

You can now analyze all of your prediction formulas at one time. Each formula now stores it's record, and the date when it was last tested.

Improved Team Reports

We've added the against the spread (ATS) and over/under (OU) results to the team reports, making them more useful than before.

Reminders to Download Stats and Analyze Formulas

When you start WinPicks, it now reminds you if you have not updated your database within the past 3 days. It also reminds you if you prediction formulas that haven't been tested in the past 3 days. It then gives you the option of downloading stats and analyzing your formulas now, to bring everything up to date.

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