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Section 8.16. Analyze Platinum Picks

ANALYZE PLATINUM PICKS allows you to see the past winning percentage of the picks generated by the Platinum Page. It shows the past records of the "Platinum Plays", a "Strong Plays", and "Possible Plays" for both against the spread (ATS) and over/under (OU) selections.

To use this feature, select ANALYZE PLATINUM PICKS from the PREDICT menu. You'll then see a menu that asks how many dates that you want to analyze. If you select 20 dates, for example, the analysis will cover the 20 dates prior to the current date. When the analysis is finished, you'll see a screen similar to Figure 8.160. The screen shows the winning percentage for each type of selection over all of the selected dates. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Platinum Page to learn how these selections were generated.

Please note that ANALYZE PLATINUM PICKS is calculation intensive, and it can sometimes take a long time (many minutes) before this feature has finished running. This will be particularly true with CFA and CBA when there are a large number of games on the schedule. Also note that the more prediction formulas that you have, the longer this feature will take to run, and that adding, deleting, or modifying prediction formulas can change the picks generated by the Platinum Page.

Figure 8.160 - Analyze Platinum Picks (PBA)

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