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Section 7.9. Inter-Conference and/or Inter-Division Records

This option displays the won-loss record of a conference (college and pro football, college basketball) or division (pro basketball) when its teams play against teams from other conferences or divisions. To use this option select INTER CONFERENCE RECORDS or INTER DIVISION RECORDS from the VIEW menu.

This option is especially valuable for CFA and CBA users since it reveals the relative strengths of the conferences by showing how each conference collectively performs against teams from other conferences. Independent teams are grouped together and counted as a conference. Knowing how the conferences rank relative to each other will help you create successful prediction formulas using CFA or CBA.

This feature also keeps track of teams that change their conference affiliation. For example, Miami was an independent through the 1990 season. During that time, their won-loss record was added to the cumulative record for independents. They joined the Big East Conference in 1991, and their record in non-conference games from 1991 to 2003 was added to the cumulative record of the Big East Conference. In 2004, they joined the Atlantic Coast Conference, and their games are now added to the record of that conference.

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