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Section 6.2. Copying Lines from a Folder

You'll find that the line data you are storing in one folder is very similar to the line data you store in another folder. Rather than enter all the line data again, you can copy the data from one folder to another and then make the editing changes that you want to make. For example, you can copy the downloaded lines to My Lines 1, and then edit My Lines 1 to reflect any changes before saving it. This is an excellent way to copy the Nevada rotation to all of your user line files.

To demonstrate this feature, select the tab named My Lines 1 on the file folder. Then, select the COPY FROM button. A small window will appear listing the three other file folders (Downloaded Lines, My Lines 2, and My Lines 3). Select Downloaded Lines to copy the downloaded lines into My Lines 1. You can copy any of the My Lines folders to any other folder, but you cannot modify the downloaded lines.

You might find it easier to maintain your own lines by using the Downloaded + My Lines 1 folder, especially if you only plan to modify a few of the lines. This folder contains a combination of the downloaded lines and the lines entered into the My Lines 1 folder. Whenever you enter a line into My Lines 1 it will override the downloaded line in the Downloaded + My Lines 1 folder. This allows you to selectively modify some of the downloaded lines without having to enter or copy them into another folder. Note that you can't enter or copy any data into the Downloaded + My Lines 1 folder, but you can make it your active lines file.

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