WinPicks Reference Manual

Section 6.3. Activating a Lines File

WinPicks uses just one lines file at a time. This file is called the active lines file and is used to recommend picks against the line, and to analyze prediction formulas to see how well they perform. It is also used to do against the spread (ATS) trend analysis.

There are many instances where you might want to change the lines file that is currently active. For example, you might choose to maintain the lines file from three different sportsbooks. You can activate each user lines file and analyze your prediction formulas against it. This can help determine which sportsbook has the most favorable odds.

You can activate the downloaded lines file, any of the three user lines files, or the Downloaded + My Lines 1 folder. To do so, select the file folder tab that you want, and then select the ACTIVATE button. The currently active lines file is listed at the top of the ENTER LINES window.

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