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Appendix A.3. Wagering on the Total (Over/Unders)

Another popular type of wager is called an over/under. Interestingly enough, the over/under player isn't concerned about the point spread or with who is expected to win the game. None of that matters. Instead, this type of wager is based on predicting the total number of points to be scored in a game by both teams. The line on such a wager is called the totals line.

To illustrate how the totals line works, lets go back to our Notre Dame-Navy example and state that the totals line is 47 points. You can wager on either the over or the under. If you play the under, you are expecting the teams to score a combined total of more than 47 points. If the combined score goes above 47, you'll win. For example, if the score is 49-0, 38-21, or 28-27, the over players win. If the combined score is 46 points or less, the under players win. If it lands on 47 (27-20, for example) the game is a push and the wager is off. Like the point spread, the totals line is often set on a half point (47.5, for example) to eliminate the possibility of a push.

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