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Section 7.4. Next View and Previous View

You can quickly move from team to team (or from statistic to statistic) using NEXT VIEW and PREVIOUS VIEW. For example, if you are viewing team reports, select NEXT VIEW to display the next team's report. Select PREVIOUS VIEW to display the previous team's report.

The teams and stats are each listed in alphabetical order. If the report for the Arizona Cardinals is currently being viewed, select NEXT VIEW to view the report for the Atlanta Falcons. Select PREVIOUS VIEW to go back to the Arizona Cardinals. NEXT VIEW and PREVIOUS VIEW are circular. When NEXT VIEW reaches the end of a list, it goes back to the beginning. When PREVIOUS VIEW reaches the beginning of a list, it goes back to the end. At any time, you can select BY TEAM or BY CATEGORY and go directly to the team or stat you want.

NEXT VIEW and PREVIOUS VIEW each have a hot key assigned to them. You can select NEXT VIEW by pressing F6, or PREVIOUS VIEW by pressing F5.

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