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Section 7.11. Viewing Non Division-1 Teams (CFA and CBA)

CFA and CBA each include an interesting feature for aficionados of college sports. This feature allows you to see the results of games where a Division-1 team played a non Division-1 team. To use this feature, select NON DIVISION-1 TEAMS from the VIEW menu. A list of non Division-1 teams will appear. When you select a team from this list, all of its games against Division-1 opponents are listed, and the display also shows a team's overall won-loss record against Division-1 teams.

Games involving non Division-1 teams usually occur early in the season. The games are usually one-sided, but in rare instances the non Division-1 team will stay close or even win. This feature provides some useful historical information if one of the smaller schools shows up on your favorite team's schedule

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